1:1 Coaching Terms and Conditions

Effective date: 11th November 2021



  1. Payment to be made in full by the end of the final session. Prices on the website can change at any time. The client is committed to paying the full package price they signed up for at the time of purchase. 
  2. If you postpone or amend a previously booked sessions, the following fee will be applied:
    1. Over 48 hours notice, no charge, session will be re-arranged free of charge
    2. Less than 48 hours notice, counts as a missed session
  3. The coaching programme purchased must be completed within the timeframe stated at time of purchase. For the bespoke coaching package this will be agreed in advance of the coaching starting. 
  4. A full refund is possible within 14 days of purchase if coaching sessions have not started. Following this you are not automatically entitled to a refund. Refunds are never possible where sessions have been completed. 
  5. Intellectual Property Rights in materials prepared or supplied by Jo Wheatley shall remain the property of In Good Company UK Ltd.  Intellectual Property Rights in assessment tools and other prepared activities used by In Good Company under license, or supplied by In Good Company to the client may reside with others.
  6. All coaching sessions will be treated with complete confidentiality. Breaking confidentiality will only occur if Jo Wheatley believes you are at risk to yourself or others and even then, Jo Wheatley will do this in conjunction with you where possible
  7. You recognize that Jo Wheatley engages in Coaching supervision and may take examples from your coaching to supervision. She will always respect confidentiality. Supervision is about continued professional development and a commitment to ethics. If you have any concerns about this, please speak with Jo Wheatley.
  8. Jo Wheatley will be fully committed to achievement of the goals identified by the you, the client. The client confers power to the coaching relationship by commitment to actions and follow-through on actions identified.
  9. The coach is fully qualified and certified by a recognized coaching authority and work to the standards specified by the Global Code of Conduct.
  10. Jo Wheatley (registered business In Good Company UK Ltd), is a trained and qualified Master Accredited coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She is certified and insured to provide these services. Whilst In Good Company are advocates for transformational services such as those listed, results can vary and are not guaranteed. The services are not a substitute for psychological therapy or counselling and you should seek the services of a qualified or licensed professional where this support is required.
  11. You will remain at all times fully responsible for your own health and well-being. 
  12. In Good Company are not qualified medical practitioners and do not provide medical consultations or advice relating to medical, psychological, psychiatric or health conditions. If you require information or assistance concerning any medical or health related issue then you should seek the advice of your qualified medical practitioner.
  13. The client acknowledges that these services raise your awareness of your needs and can create significant shifts in your perspective. As a result, many clients choose to make decisions that influence their life, both big, and small. Jo Wheatley/In Good Company UK Ltd bears no responsibility for any such decisions.