Work With Me As Your Emotions Coach

There are a number of ways we can work together, either through a programme below or a bespoke programme designed just for you. Each can support you to achieve emotional freedom.

I want a bespoke programme please....

Emotional Breakthrough Programme

1 day, 1:1 Intensive

Emotional Alignment Programme 

3 months

Emotions & Strategy Alignment

6 months

You can work with me on a 1:1 basis in three distinct programmes. 

You may choose to invest in all three.

Continue reading for details. 

You are an individual and I will always work with you as an individual, tailoring the work we do to your specific needs. This will benefit you personally, it will benefit you in your work as a leader and with teams, your family and in your wider contribution to the world.

I know you are purpose driven and you also care deeply about your human experience and the experience of others. I can coach you to coach yourself and to be able to pay it forward to those around you, including your team.


Working together we will...

Identify your emotional identity - the emotions you connect with the most, where they came from, how they serve you today.

  • Identify your values and how they impact your emotions, these are your compass in your life and direct all of your decisions. 
  • Identify your empowering and limiting beliefs related to your emotions and do change work to enable you to release your limiting beliefs.
  • Clarify your goals related to your emotions and ensure they are well formed for your wellbeing and what you want to achieve.
  • Build your emotional range. Many people go through life only referring to about 7 different emotions. Did you know that there are over 50 available for you to connect with. 
  • Identify your emotional sequencing and edit it to enable you to achieve your goals in emotional alignment. Here we take a look at the thoughts you attach to emotions and how this impacts your behaviour. Where it doesn't save you well we will work together to find make new connections.
  • Explore your authentic emotions and which ones you may be covering up. Did you know that sometimes we think we are really angry when really we are very sad? It is important that we know which emotion is the authentic emotion so that we can get our needs met and move forward positively.
  • Do more intense breakthrough on particular emotions based on your needs e.g. grief, shame, fear. 


1:1 Emotional Breakthrough Session

This is for you if you want to see immediate change and you enjoy working intensively. Perfect if you have limited time on an ongoing  basis. Perhaps you have an important event or milestone coming up and you want to do the work now so you can be free to be at your best. 

Work with me in this one day intensive to identify and release limiting emotions and decisions. We'll identify emotional blocks and work through them one by one. It is a transformational experience. 

What's involved:

* A pre coaching questionnaire

* A pre breakthrough session orientation call

* A six hour coaching session (including breaks)

* A post breakthrough day check in session

What you can expect from me:

* A safe, confidential space where you can be you

* Warmth, courage and compassion

* A comprehensive and intensive day where we work with your conscious and unconscious mind to release emotions that may be limiting you


£3000 Pay In Full

Emotional Alignment 3 Month Coaching Programme


This programme is for you if you would like support over a longer period - 12 weeks. I will partner with you as your emotions coach as you navigate your life over next few months. This is perfect for you if you take time to build relationships and enjoy investing in a regular coaching relationship. Also a great fit if you have a number of important meetings or events over that time and you want an accountability and support partner as well as reassurance, knowing you have you emotions coach with you to ensure the changes are embedded. 

We'll identify your relationship with your emotions and develop it into a relationship that is healthy for you, right now and for your future. It will put you in the driving seat. I will support you to become empowered and at choice with your emotions. 

What's involved:

* A pre coaching emotions questionnaire

* 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions

Session 1: Establishing your emotional profile and triggers

Session 2: Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs about your emotions and installing empowering ones

Session 3: Identifying and Adjusting Your Emotional Language

Session 4: Future pacing your emotions

* Reflective activities in between sessions to embed your coaching


What you can expect from me:

* A safe, confidential space where you are unconditionally accepted

* Warmth, support, compassion and challenge

* A programme packed with insights and actionable content which will enable you to be emotionally confident. 

* The content of each session will be adjusted to meet the your specific needs as established from the pre coaching emotions questionnaire. We will cover all the topics for the sessions.

£3000 3 Month Programme

Emotions & Strategy Alignment

This programme is for you if you are a CEO or on a CEO pathway. You are aware that 'what got you here won't get you there'. You want a safe and confidential space to discuss the realities of the role you are in and your strategic decisions. As you have progressed in your career your circle of confidantes has shrunk and you know the challenges of your role are varying and demand so much of you.  You are human and experience all the emotions everyone else does and you are constantly scrutinised in your role. Life outside of work is demanding in different ways. 

You are values and purpose led and want to ensure that the competing demands of different parts of your organisation and outside of work are balanced and you are able to show up with the best of you in both areas.  

Your role is complex and people are looking to you for answers about the past, present and future. You don't always know the answer. You are great at strategy and you are a fast learner. You have certain blocks that you want to address. This is the role of me as your coach.  We will work on your emotional alignment to your strategic choices. 

What's included:

* 6 x 1.5 hours (or 9 hours of coaching spread across 6 months)

* Summary notes of sessions if desired

* A tailored coaching programme to fit your diary and your needs

* Intellectual and emotional support and challenge

* A space where you can show up authentically

* I will be your emotions and strategy partner

I often work with people transitioning into CEO roles for a 12-24 month period to account for the period of preparation and settling in. This can be agreed separately as a bespoke programme. 

£5000 6 month programme

Robert Bannerman 

"No matter the topic we discussed, Jo was able to help me untangle things, shine a light on perspectives I hadn't considered, and find a way to move forward that felt authentic to me. Her ability to make a person feel seen, heard, capable, resilient, powerful (the list goes on...), is something I aspire to achieve in myself. Jo catered our coaching sessions to me as an individual. It was exciting to be coming to answers to things I was stuck on and learning something new about myself every time we met. Jo has instilled in me a sense that I have all the answers I need in myself. I am incredibly grateful and can't recommend her enough".

Mirjam Berle

"Jo demonstrates great capability in asking questions and share inspiring tools that unleash hidden thoughts which helped me to gain confidence and clarity about the unique value I bring and how I can best leverage it. What she triggered became even more powerful by how Jo mirrored the observations she made and the insights she shared - without ever letting them occupy my own space of reflection. Therefore, the coaching had the invaluable effect of seeing my own strengths, values and potential more clearly and give me confidence of fully stepping into it. I would strongly recommend her as a coach for someone who is up for unleashing their full potential".

Mary Cronin

"I feel very lucky that I got to have Jo as my coach. She is warm, insightful, intelligent and fun to work with.She is genuinely interested in getting to know you as a whole person. She draws on a wide range of skills and experience to help you identify and work towards goals, and unlock your potential. She asks the tough questions, but it always seems to be when you are ready to hear them. Not only does she hold up a mirror allowing you to see a reflection of yourself, she holds up a prism allowing you to explore different facets both of yourself and the scenario you are working on. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone looking for support as they explore their potential and self-awareness, or work towards specific goals".