Hi, I'm Jo 

Your Emotions Coach

Are you a high achiever who feels that your inner emotions are not aligned to your outer successes?

Are you ready for alignment?

Yes I am!

Are you a purpose driven leader who wants to stop....

  • The inner conflict that you experience with your inner dialogue 
  • Putting your own well-being last
  • Feeling like you don't belong or are going to be found out
  • Feeling lonely or isolated in your leadership role or within your team
  • Denying your emotions, pushing them away, worried when they'll pop up
  • Being emotionally flooded or overwhelmed and unable to represent yourself as you'd like to at times
  • Being confused by your emotions, not understanding what you feel
  • Worrying you'll always feel this way
  • People saying you are hard to read or unapproachable
  • Living life only accessing a narrow range of emotions
  • Feeling ashamed of your emotions - like you have to hide them
  • Feeling like you are a fraud as a leader
  • Having old feelings or patterns hold you back
  • Wondering if there is a better way to be with yourself
  • Avoiding beginnings and endings
  • Not knowing how to manage your team effectively 
  • Group think and the limiting effect that has on the realisation of your own potential
  • Feeling a bit lost or unsure  and not knowing where to go for discreet and confidential support at your level


As an exceptional leader do you want to be able to....

  • Navigate transitions and key moments in your life in an emotionally stable and connected way
  • Choose your emotional response to any situation
  • Have congruency between what you think, feel and how you behave
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Excel as an emotionally courageous and compassionate leader
  • Feel confident with your emotions
  • Identify your feelings, articulate them and get your needs met with ease
  • Support other people with their emotional wellbeing
  • Have a sense of fulfilment and purpose
  • Feel aligned in your inner and outer world
  • Role model whole person leadership for your team, your children and all those who are watching and inspired by you
  • Experience inner peace
  • Have a strategic thought partner & emotional alignment coach
  • Be supported as well as challenged in a safe and confidential relationship
  • Feel totally accepted, valued, capable and resourced in a  relationship of total trust and confidence

Work with me as your emotions coach. 

This is confidential coaching for high achievers and high potentials who are purpose led and ready to align their emotional wellbeing to their external achievements. 

Life and business is emotional so let's up skill you in this area. Get connected and design a new relationship with your emotions.

I want you to be my coach

Client testimonials 

Joe Hassell

"I've just finished 6 sessions of coaching with Jo and she was amazing! During our initial contracting I asked to be challenged and for her to push me and Jo did this and more. in particular her HR and OD experience and knowledge was a huge help to me and I will definitely contact Jo again if i have any difficult issues that i need help working through. I could not recommend Jo highly enough!".

Amy Webb

"I loved working with Jo as a coach. I really benefitted from her curiosity and wisdom combined with a warm and direct approach. Jo has a wealth of experience and tools and was able to flex and support my needs through the work we did together; reacting sensitively and creating a very safe space. Jo made it easy. I'd highly recommend Jo for her style, demonstrable experience and results".

Ayshwaria Ramamoorthy

"I worked with Jo during my first foray into a leadership role and responsibility. I recall the coaching sessions vividly and carry the learnings from it every day. Her insights and challenging comments really pushed me to think differently. I really recommend Jo if you are looking for a coach to develop yourself. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the impact and value you will get from Jo’s expertise".